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Χρυσό βραβείο στα Specialist Awards 2023
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Specialist Awards 2023
Concept Cotton
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βιολογικά προϊόντα σειράς Concept Cotton


Handmade single serve of herbal blend enclosed in pure cotton pouch, made by traditional cloth called ‘tsantila’, ready to use. Includes 1 piece that gives 2 cups of tea.

βιολογικά προϊόντα σειράς LOOSE


Loose herbal blend with whole leaves and flowers, 100% plastic-free, recycled, recyclable, toxic-free packaging and plant cellulose bag.

The idea behind Arritos lies on our need and desire to create tasty herbal beverages.

Drawn from creativity, imagination, and knowledge, we founded 'Arritos Herbal Blends,' with the desire to resurrect tradition and its adaptation to today's tastes. A modern lab from Thessaloniki, Greece which selects, and modifies plants and seeds composing blends related to experiences of the Greek countryside, memories and tradition. After monthly trials, our blends have transformed into carefully maintained combinations of herbs and ingredients. Beverages with unique identities, they combine different characteristics in terms of culinary properties while at the same time they offer a balanced and enjoyable result. 


100% organic certifited raw material



for vegan way of living


natural raw material

Eco Friendly

Σειρές προϊόντων χωρίς πλαστικό ή συσκευασίες