Youthful Joy

Organic Greek herbal blend

Ingredients: fennel leaves, althaea flowers, chamomile, lavender

22gr.  |  14 servings


In stock

In stock


Pleasant, with an original and at the same time familiar aroma. Intense sweetness resulting from the aromas of anise offered by the fennel leaves. The subtle notes of almond that give the whole althaea flowers, balance with lavender's botanical profile. Intensely sweet notes and a long aftertaste.

Except of its cold version, it can be extracted in plain milk or in plant-based milk such as oat and almond, offering a surprising alternative drink!


More Info

  • Eco-friendly and plastic–free packaging
  • Whole leaves and flowers offer rich aromatic and flavorsome outcome and long aftertaste
  • No sugar added, No artificial fragrances
  • 100% certifited organic product
  • Natural product
  • Naturally caffein free
  • Suitable for vegan diet
  • From small cultivations allover Greece
  • 100% Greek product